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Invitation for Prequalification



Country:                    Republic of Azerbaijan

Name of Project:      Regional Connectivity and Development Project (under preparation)

Contract Title:           Rehabilitation of the M3 Alat-Astara-State Border of Iran Highway Between Yenikend and Bilasuvar (Original Alignment) km 32 to 103

Sector:                       Transport

Project No.:               P174379

Pre-qualification Reference No.: AZ-SRA-CW-RFB-01


1.      The Government of Azerbaijan has applied for financing from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (World Bank) toward the cost of the Regional Connectivity and Development Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for rehabilitating the existing road between Yenikend and Bilasuvar.


2.       The State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads intends to prequalify contractors for Rehabilitation of the M3, Alat-Astara-State Border of Iran Highway between Yenikend and Bilasuvar road. The section starts at the junction at km 32+140 of the M3 Motorway and heads southwest before crossing the Kur River on the outskirts of the city of Salyan and ends at km 103+320. From Salyan, the road passes through Sarvan and Shorsulu villages before heading west to the city of Bilasuvar. The total length of road to be rehabilitated is 70.5 km. The existing road largely complies with the dimensional requirements for a Category II road, although not entirely. The pavement is generally in poor condition with multiple defects, and five river/canal bridges along the route are also in need of replacement. The rehabilitated road will follow the existing horizontal alignment with the exception of limited realignments to improve geometric characteristics and eliminate safety hazards. The new road pavement will comprise an asphalt concrete surface course, asphalt binder course, asphalt base course, and granular sub-base. The five existing bridges will be replaced entirely and one new bridge will be constructed.


The estimated construction period for the rehabilitating of the road is 24 months, plus a 24-month defects liability period. The road will remain open for traffic during construction and the contractor will be responsible for traffic management. Estimated material quantities are:

Earthworks (fill)                                                   1,270,000 m3

Earthworks (cut)                                                      500,000 m3

Unbound granular pavement layers                         920,000 m3

Bituminous pavement layers                                   180,000 m3

Bridge deck area                                                         4,000 m2

Precast Concrete Bridge Beams                                  2,800 m1

Bored cast insitu piles                                                 2,300 m1

It is expected that the Request for Bids will be made in July 2021.


3.      Prequalification will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers November 2020 edition (subject to confirmation when the legal agreement is concluded) (“Procurement Regulations”), and is open to all eligible Applicants as defined in the Procurement Regulations.


4.      Interested eligible Applicants may obtain further information from the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads at the address below, during office hours, 10:00 to 17:00 hours (Baku time). A complete set of prequalification documents in English may be purchased by interested Applicants on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of AZN 300 or USD 170. The method of payment will be by bank transfer to:


Beneficiary:                  State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads,

TIN No.:                       9900013141

Bank:                            Kapital Bank OJSC, “Nasimi” Branch

SWIFT:                         AIIBAZ2X

Cor. Account:               AZ37NABZ01350100000000001944

Account Number:         AZ69AIIB38050019441801833111 AZN

AZ59AIIB38150018401801833111 USD

TIN No. of the Bank:   9900003611


Upon receipt of appropriate evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee, the documents may be collected from the address below or will promptly be dispatched by courier arranged and paid for by the applicant. However, no liability can be accepted for their loss or late delivery. The purchase of the prequalification documents cannot be made electronically.


5.     Applications for prequalification should be submitted in clearly marked envelopes and delivered to the address below by 17:00 (local time) on 11 May 2021. Late Applications will be returned unopened to the Applicants.


State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads

Attention:      Mr. Saleh Mammadov, Chairman of Board

Office:           Room 224, Project Implementation Unit No. 2

Address:        AZ117, Block 2025, R. Ismayilov str.

City:              Baku

ZIP Code:     AZ 1117

Country:        Republic of Azerbaijan

Telephone:                 (+994 12) 4997902

Facsimile number:      (+994 12) 4997944

Electronic mail address: with copy to

Web address:




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