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          “Azeravtoyol” Open Joint Stock Company is now operating in automobile road industry, also ensures designing, maintenance, renovation, repair, reconstruction and construction of bridges, tunnels and other road facilities, protection and control of automobile roads and road facilities, other works in connection with road infrastructure.


          President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on December 28th 2015 to amend decree “about improvement of management system in transport-road complex of Azerbaijan Republic” no. 1992 dated February 22nd 2007 of President of Azerbaijan Republic.


          According to this act, acceleration of socio-economic development in Azerbaijan Republic made a huge contribution for reconstruction and renovation of automobile road network and road infrastructure of the country. Construction of new automobile roads, transport units and bridges has gone mainstreaming in Baku, also in other cities and regions of the country within such programs. “Azeryolservis” Open Joint Stock Company became independent company and removed from Ministry of Transport with purpose of raising effectiveness of works in line with solution of issues hereof, as well as improving management in transport-road complex of the country.


          According to other presidential decree dated December 28th 2015, Mammadov Saleh Arshad has been appointed as the chairman of “Azeryolservis” OJSC.


          According to decree dated March 9th 2016 of President of Azerbaijan Republic about “Azeravtoyol” OJSC, “Azeryolservis” OJSC has changed its name to “Azeravtoyol” OJSC.


          Referring to condition of 01.01.2015, “Azeravtoyol” OJSC, Azerbaijan Republic has automobile/public road with length 17529 km, which consists of national (4385 km) and local automobile roads (13158 km). 2670 km of such roads now left in regions which are under Armenian occupation. Company has 1299 bridges. 160 of them are in occupied territories.      

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