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History of Azerbaijan roads


          Development of road networks in Azerbaijan started from middle of XIX century. Main part of road network had focused on Baku Governorate. Main reason was transportation of oil and oil products.


          The very first highway was built in 1850 in Azerbaijan. First highway constructed in the vicinity of residential area Abdalyar (town of Lachin), Yelizavetpol Governorate (Ganja Governorate after 1918).


          Yevlakh-Shusha-Nakhchivan-Erevan highway was built in 1860.   



Early XX


          First automobiles were imported to Azerbaijan in early XX. Increasing number of automobiles has promoted construction of highways.


          The first road construction organization was established in 1918. It had 15 trucks, 12 road rollers and 4 graders.  



During ADR (1918-1920)


          “Ministry of Roads, Post and Telegraph” included into Azerbaijani National Council was established on July 17th 1918. First minister was Khudadad bey Malikaslanov. Great amount of works were then done within short period of time.



    Before Second World War (1921-1940)


          Highway and Dirt Roads Department were established in 1920. The name of department was changed to Highway-Water Economy Department in 1921. 


          In 1924, department was cancelled, Highway and Dirt Roads Department was reestablished.


          In 1928, Head Department for Highways and Dirt Roads and Automobile Transport had launched.


          In 1937, head department was cancelled and Highway Roads Department was established.


          During this period, more precisely on 1925, popular Kish Bridge was built in Shaki-Gakh-Zagataka-Georgia border lines. Bridge construction works were ended on 1932. 



During Second World War and post-war years


          In 1944, Baku-Agstafa road construction was initiated. In 1945, 461 km Baku-Agstafa road construction was delivered. Baku-Astara road construction was completed in parallel with this road.


          In 1951-1960s asphalt concrete automobile road transfer process had occurred.


          In 1958, Ujar-Zardab, Hajigabul-Salyan roads construction was delivered.


          New and reconstructed roads were included into national road network, i.e. Baku-Derbend, Terter-Goranboy, Goran-Naftalan, Khachmaz-Khudat, Sabirabad-Saatli, Agsu-Kurdamir, Ganja-Dashkesen, Leki-Agdash, Ganja-Goygol, Prishib-Masalli roads.


          In 1974, Ministry of Automobile Road Construction and Maintenance and in 1989 Azerbaijan Automobile Road Production Association was established on the basis of existing Head Department for Highway Roads.  



Recent years


          Independent states after USSR collapse, including Azerbaijan had economic troubles. In the meantime, Nagorno Karabagh Autonomous Area and our 7 adjacent regions were occupied in the wake of undeclared war (1989-1993) from Armenia with external support. So, 20% of area was occupied and more than 1 million Azerbaijani citizens became refugees or IDPs.


           2661 km automobile roads, 160 different bridges with 3224 linear meters and many road equipments were remained in occupied territories.      


          “Azeravtoyol” Production Association was established during first years of independence and “Azeravtoyol” Public Company ensuring automobile road construction, repair and maintenance was established in 1993.


         Haydar Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic confirmed Public Road Fund Act in accordance with decree dated February 16th 1994 to improve a situation occurred in road industry of republic.    


         Public Road Fund provided great contribution for development of road industry. The reconstruction of highways and big bridges, repair of existing roads and bridges were initiated.


          On May 31st 1996, President of Azerbaijan Republic Haydar Aliyev endorsed a law about joining to European agreement (dated November 15th 1975) of International Auto Routes of Azerbaijan Republic.


          On September 7-8, 1998, international conference for reconstruction of historical Great Silk Road was held in Baku with participants from 32 countries and 13 international organizations.


          According to decree no. 299 dated March 10th 2000 of President of Azerbaijan Republic, Automobile Roads Act of Azerbaijan Republic came into force.      


          According to decree dated June 10th 2003 of President of Azerbaijan Republic “Azeravtonegliyyat” Public Concern and “Azeravtoyol” Public Insurance was cancelled and “Avtonegliyyatservis” and “Yolneqliyyatservis” Departments were established within Ministry of Transport.


          According to Transport-Road Complex Management Act dated February 22nd 2007 of President of Azerbaijan Republic, organizational-legal form of “Yolnegliyyatservis’ Department of Ministry of Transport has been changed and “Azeryolservis” Open Joint Stock Company has been established.


          2016 is considered to be new beginning for Company, even independent facility. Because, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev endorsed a law on December 28th 2015 about removal of “Azeryolservis” OJSC from Ministry of Transport and becoming independent.   


          On the same day, i.e. December 28th 2015 Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed another decree in which he appointed Saleh Mammadov, who was temporary chairman of “Azeryolservis” OJSC since February 12th 2015, as chairman of the Company.       


          According to decree of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev dated March 9th 2016, “Azeryolservis” OJSC changed its name to “Azeravtoyol” OJSC.

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