Construction of Agdam-Fuzuli automobile road is underway FOTO

5 April 2024- 09:19
11 Construction of Agdam-Fuzuli automobile road is underway

The construction of the Agdam-Fuzuli automobile road is being rapidly continued.

The road is considered one of the important projects that will play a significant role in the socio-economic development of the territories liberated from occupation and the economic regions of Garabagh and Eastern Zangazur.

The road, with a length of 64.8 km and a width of 15 metres for the traffic section, is being built with four traffic lanes. The width of the roadbed is 26.5 meters, with the width of the shoulders being 3.75 metres in each direction and a median strip width of 4 metres.

As part of the execution of earthworks on the technically graded road, useless soil excavation, widening of the bed, construction of a new roadbed with a width of 26.5 meters, construction of the road base, construction of a retaining wall with a length of 331.35 metres, and installation of various-sized water conveyors, culverts, as well as reserve passages for underground and communication lines, have been completed to ensure water passage.

In the section of the road from 0 to 32.4 km, within the framework of the project, 36 reserve passages, 31 circular water conveyance pipes, 27 rectangular pipes, 5 underpasses, 1 kahriz passage, and 3 bridges have been constructed, reaching 90% completion. Additionally, vegetation removal and excavation works have been completed 100%, and the construction of the roadbed has reached 92%. The physical progress on the first 32.4 km of the project accounts for 64%.

In the section of the road from 32.4 to 64.8 km, earthworks and the construction of the sub-base layer have been completed. Construction works for the sub-base layer and laying of asphalt-concrete pavement continue in separate sections. Within this section of the project, 16 passages and 25 communication pipes, as well as 67 water conveyance pipes of various diameters, have been built.

The construction of bridge abutments in this section is nearing completion. Earthworks are 100% complete, artificial structures are 99% complete, road pavement is 65% complete, and overall construction works are 72% complete.

Construction works for bridge abutments continue at the planned 39th kilometre of the road. The construction of the road pavement has been completed at the 63rd and 65th kilometres.

Construction works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Construction Norms and Regulations. An adequate workforce has been mobilised to the site to ensure the completion of construction according to the established schedule.

Being the continuation of the Barda-Aghdam highway, the Agdam-Fuzuli automobile road passes through the territories of Aghdam, Agjabadi, and Fuzuli districts.

The construction of the road from Barda to Agdam and Fuzuli, as well as in the opposite direction, will ensure comfortable traffic flow and positively impact socio-economic development along the road length.