Rehabilitation of roads in Lachin to be completed soon PHOTO/VİDEO

5 October 2023- 12:10

In accordance with the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, theState Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads is rapidly and qualitatively implementing the project of reconstruction of internal roads in Lachin.   

That the reconstruction project of internal roads of the Lachin City with a length of about 70 km consists of the restoration of the central streets and internal roads of the town. The width of streets and internal roads varies from 4 to 11 meters.

The project involves the removal of unsuitable pavement, excavation of unsuitable soil if necessary, backfilling with suitable materials, and construction of a new embankment and base. In those areas where the road base is ready, new asphalt concrete pavement of the required thickness is laid. These works have already been completed on many streets and roads.

Restoration and reconstruction works are carried out in accordance with Construction Norms and Rules under the personal control of the leadership of the State Road Agency of Azerbaijan.

Reconstruction works are planned to be completed in the near future. For this purpose, the necessary number of forces has been transferred to the area.

With the reconstruction of the internal roads of Lachin, modern road infrastructure is being created in the territory of the city, ensuring the comfortable movement of people living here and guests visiting the town.