Construction of Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin highway rapidly continues in Azerbaijan PHOTO/VİDEO

27 April 2023- 14:02

Construction of the Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin highway, one of the road infrastructure projects implemented upon instructions of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and playing an important role in the socio-economic development of the areas liberated from Armenian occupation, continues at a rapid pace.
The length of the Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin highway, originating from the section of the Hajigabul-Horadiz-Agbend-Zangazur trunk highway, near the Khudafarin reservoir, is 56.4 km. Construction of a new highway with a length of 14 km from the settlement of Khanlig to the city of Gubadli is also underway. The total length of the roads is 70.4 km.

The Khudaferin-Gubadli-Lachin highway has four lanes, the 0-46.2 km section is being built in accordance with the technical category 1, while the 46.2-56.4 km section is with the technical category 2. Currently, the road is being expanded and profiled, as well as the construction of a 21.5-meter-wide roadway. The width of the roadway under the project will be 16.5 meters.

Work continues on the construction of the roadway on the 20.4-56.4 km section of the Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin highway. The construction of the road base has been completed on a 20.4-km stretch, as well as asphalt concrete paving.

Moreover, excavation work, construction of pipes and crossings, bridges, and topographic and design work are continuing on the 14-km section of the road in the direction of Khanlig village in the Gubadli district. The first 11 km of the road are built in accordance with technical category 1, and 11-14 kilometers - in accordance with technical category 2.

In accordance with the project, round pipes, rectangular water crossings, as well as bridges are being built on the 10th, 22nd, 32nd and 43rd kilometers of the road, on the 35th km of the access road, and on the 1st kilometer of the highway leading to the city of Gubadli. Furthermore, 42.5 percent of the work on the construction of bridges has already been completed.

In addition, at the intersection with the Khanlig-Gubadli road, work continues on the construction of road interchanges of various levels. The project has already completed the construction of 80 round, 31 rectangular pipes and 13 underground passages, as well as 3,105 meters of retaining wall.

The project also provides for the construction of eight tunnels with a total length of 2,397 meters. Currently, drilling and groundwork is being carried out in the T-1 and T-2 tunnels.

The construction of a new highway under the project implemented under the personal supervision of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads is carried out in accordance with the schedule and in compliance with the technological sequence. For the timely completion of construction work, the necessary amount of labor and equipment has been attracted to the territory.

This highway, passing through the territory of the Zangilan, Gubadli and Lachin districts, covers more than 30 settlements in these districts, including the cities of Gubadli and Lachin.