Azerbaijan digs 5 km of tunnel under Murovdagh PHOTO/VİDEO

11 April 2023- 18:47

That a tunnel under the Murovdagh Mountain, part of the Tonaggali-Kalbajar-Istisu road, is being actively laid.

The construction of this 23.4-km tunnel will ensure year-round and uninterrupted traffic on the road.

At the moment, 5 km of tunnels have already been dug in both directions. Along with fixing the arches of the tunnel, a road to the entrance to the tunnel is being laid. Numerous pieces of equipment have been brought to the construction site.

In total, four tunnels are being laid on the road. Three of them are almost ready - they have been dug, the vaults have been already concreted, and the final work is underway.

Moreover, 40 per cent of the Khudafarin-Gubadli-Lachin road has been built.

The Murovdagh Mountains are the highest mountain range in the Lesser Caucasus. The range is about 70 km long (43 miles), with its highest peak at 3,724 m (12,218 feet).