Azerbaijan builds new road tunnel in Tovuz PHOTO/VİDEO

28 December 2022- 17:41

By order of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads, a road tunnel has been built under the Baku–Boyuk Kasik rail line, running through Tovuz, following the Presidential Decree on the construction of a new road junction on the mentioned rail line section.

The total length of a covered part of the 420 meter-long highway tunnel constitutes 30 meters.

"The construction of side roads and pedestrian sidewalks of 120 and 150 meters in each direction is also part of the Agency's project," said the statement.

The width of the carriageway in the tunnel accounts for four meters in both directions, while the side tracks are 5-7 meters width. As part of the project, demolition activities, removal of obstacles and communication lines from the construction site, were carried out.

The road and rail crossings in this area created a dangerous situation for all traffic participants. The new tunnel will allow vehicles to move safely on the road without crossing the rail line.

The road tunnel was built with high quality in line with the construction norms and rules, in compliance with the technological sequence, under the supervision of the Agency's management.