Construction of Fuzuli - Hadrut highway in Azerbaijan nearing completion PHOTO/VİDEO

1 September 2022- 16:08

The construction of Fuzuli-Hadrut highway continues at a rapid pace.

Fuzuli-Hadrut highway is one of the most important road infrastructure projects implemented in Karabakh and East-Zangazur economic regions, which will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the liberated territories, continues at a rapid pace.

The length of the highway is 12 kilometers. The highway, built in accordance with the first technical category, originates from the 'Victory Road' and connects with the newly built Shukurbayli -Jabrayil-Hadrut.

The Fuzuli-Hadrut highway has four lanes. The width of the road surface in accordance with the traffic lanes will be 21 meters, the width of the carriageway - 14 meters.

Excavation work is being carried out. Thus, with the use of special equipment, work on the expansion and profiling of the road and the construction of a new roadbed has been completed on an 8.5-kilometer section. The installation of water pipes of various diameters is also being completed.

In addition, the installation of piles continues on 6.7 km of road on a two-span road bridge passing through Garghabazar territory.

All construction activities are carried out under the supervision of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads in compliance with "Construction rules and regulations".

The Fuzuli-Hadrut highway passes through the territories of Fuzuli and Khojavend districts liberated from occupation.